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Monday, August 31, 2009

Jakarta Rock! -May2009-

I have never been to the land of Java my entire life, I am half-javanese myself, but the farthest that I have been to is only Batam and Riau (since I still got relatives living there). It was so exciting knowing my friends and I are finally decided that we should go to Jakarta, and since there's a good promo ticket price from MAS; return ticket for only RM100, I just got to say yes to that!This is also my first time ever taking MAS (Malaysia Airlines) for non-business trip

Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, the most paced up, the most hectic place in Java that you could find. It's more organized if you were to compared with Bandung, more civilized as well. We only have 2 days 1 night to  explore Jakarta (after 4 tiring days in Bandung!) which is obviously not enough (I've got to be back here for more)

It is supposed to be a trip to Bandung only, but Jakarta is not to be missed. We took Xtrans from Bandung (refer to my blogpost on Bandung) to Jakarta heading straight to Jalan Jaksa. It's a small narrow road where you can find lots of bulek (foreigners), and there is a lot of other budget hotels surrounding it. Jalan Jaksa got a world on its own! Read for yourself!

For budget travellers, I would recommend Jalan Jaksa's budget hotels not just because the price is not expensive at all, but they are also strategically located in Jakarta city center, but if you have extra money and demand for comfortable and luxurious stay, I wouldnt recommend you Jalan Jaksa's. Le Margot Hotel, the hotel we chose after reading Lonely Planet but since there is no hotel website, but I think you can make booking via phone call.Phone: + (021)3913830 The hotel is good enough for us, for RM30 per person, per night, we're already thankful.
And if you walk straight heading city centre, you can easily reach Plaza Indonesia, etc by walking from Jalan Jaksa which is a bless since we love shopping sooo much. Not forgotten the famous Hard Rock Cafe/Shop which is also located near Plaza Indonesia. If you want to take a taxi, its only Rp20000 away to Plaza Indonesia

That day we arrived, we went straight to famous Ancol (a place of fun and entertainment). My parents have been years talking about their trip to Ancol, and yes, this place is not to be missed! The rides are more thrilling and adventurous in Ancol (compared to the one in Genting). We wouldnt dare riding any of those, but yes, Nelly and Jam were saying yes to the above photo ride, and they ended up being sick (Jam got really2 sick), after that. Huhu. I am not sure whether it is because of the food, or the rides, I am not so sure...hehehe..but guys, think twice if you are thinking of going for their rides!

Ancol is very close to the Mangga Dua shopping complex and we didnt know which part of Mangga Dua we've been to. Mangga Dua is an area consists of shopping centers;some are very near to each others, and some are even connected, and you'll ended up not knowing which shopping mall that you're in. The main six giant shopping centers are the Mangga Dua Mall which is connected via a bridge to The Harco Mas Mangga Dua, the Mangga Dua WTC, the ITC Mangga Dua (I  and II) , the Dusit Mangga Dua and the Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua. Mangga Dua area is famous for their selection of clothes and electronics.

My friend once said that one should go to Pasar Pagi at Mangga Dua if you want a great bargain of Indonesia products, but we couldnt find the place, so we ended up shopping for DVDs at Mangga Dua. Its bloody cheap. 1 DVD for ~RM1.50?That's super cheap. I think we spent more than 2 hours browsing for our favourite TV series/movie, and spent lots of money there..Haha.

Since there's nothing much we could find in Mangga Dua, we just head straight home, I mean, hotel..haha..Went to a good restaurant (somewhere near Jalan Jaksa) to have our dinner, and didnt do anything else but sleeping that night. We're very tired maybe. (Oh ya, I suggest that you take taxi or bus from Ancol to Mangga Dua as it is quite a distance)
The next day, we went to Plaza Indonesia to shop!Jam still wasnt feeling well, so he chose to stay in the hotel room instead. Felt sorry for him, but life goes on. So we went to have our brunch at Plaza Indonesia's Food Court. Please, and please, and please go there if you are in Jakarta!Even though it is just a food court, it's a great place to experience Indonesian food choices!

Oh, I ve got a lot to say but I am signing off. Later dude!(I've got 3-4 Jakarta trips that I have yet to write...sigh~)



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