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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bandung Food Trail -May2009-

at Rumah Mode
It was supposed to be a Bandung-Shopping-Spree!I heard so many stories from friends bout how awesome their shopping trips were, n I saved RM2000 solely for shopping. N yes, I am not like most ppl, I shouldnt realle expect that I have the same taste in fashion though..huhuhu, I hate to say this, but I really dont think shopping is the greatest thing about Bandung.
But we enjoyed Bandung as much as the shoppers were, totally in a different way.

me and my lil sista
It was officially changed to "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" (food trail) as we think the food is awesome!Unlimited awesomeness I would say.

It was a 5 days-4 nites trip, wif Kaf, Jam, Nelly (little sister) and Afifi. We took a flight to Jakarta using MAS (that way, we can be carrying stuff more than 15KGs). There are few ways to reach Bandung from Jakarta; either using airplane, taxis, vans and buses. The buses are pretty slow though, and they only take passengers 11am the earliest

1) Taxi from the airport - Use only Blue Bird, because its reliable and metered. Try not to use other taxis (dats what Ive understand from other bloggers). Refer to this link to get more info on taxis in Bandung.

2) Trains - Its pretty reliable coz they have proper schedule, but you have to travel to the Jakarta City (Stasiun Gambir) to use this transportation mode, and its a hassle for us, since you have to carry your luggages and take taxis or buses. The cost of the ticket cheapest which is Rp 20.000,- to Rp 40.000,- (depending on the class)

3) Xtrans - (this is our choice, and also recommended mode of transportation to/fro Jakarta Bandung). Its cheap, most reliable (coz they r punctual), comfortable, fast n cheap!!One way ride costs us approximate RM30+ only. Their tagline is "fully commited for on-time departure, excellent service, safety and convenient", so its pretty much telling you that their services is tip-top!. Fully recommended!

pose at Mt Tangkuban Perahu


Its very strategic, bacause its located along Jalan Dago (the road where the factory outlets are located). You can just walk from the hotel to the factory outlets, but we took the bus instead,since its available (Its not really a bus, its a van, that you can stop anywhere along their route, and it costs us RM1 per ride, per person).

Since that we have 4 days in Bandung, we thought that it would be better if we start wif some sightseeing activities. So we went to Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcano which is famous with a legend of a man, named Sangkuriang who wanted to marry his own mom (which he didnt recognized after being cast away for disobedience when he was still a little boy) , and the mother has to stop that from happening by demanding him to build a boat (perahu) in one day but the boat has to be ready before sunrise. Unfortunely, the perahu couldnt be completed,so the lady resisted his offer to marry her, and he was so mad that he threw the perahu and the perahu landed on a upturned position and became a mount(tangkuban means upturned);a story that I heard from my parents since I was still a little girl, and now I've got to see the place myself. We've paid Pak Engkus ~RM100 per day (for 5 person, so it can be considered as cheap) for a minivan ride to any places (Toyota Unser), and he took us to our first spot, Tangkuban Perahu which is located I think 2 hours away from Dago.

I couldnt say much about this place, since yes, its undeniable beautiful, but they were many street hawkers (which is this situation, its not streets), that sell you stuffs at higher price (what do you expect, we're all tourists, so we're not that poor) and they keep pushing you to buy their stuffs, and they will not stop until you buy. They were 5 of them who keep following us everywhere we go, so it felt kinda uncomfortable. From Rp100,000 to Rp10,000, they were so persistence.Well, I got to buy something though just to keep them away. So I bought a pack of strawberries that costs me Rp20,000. Sigh~. We were also told that there's a hotspring nearby,where you can enjoy volcanos hotsprings, and in order to go there, one must pay some amount to a tour guide. And we said ok to that, thinking that the place is not within walking distance, and thought that we're paying for a van trip, etc. Never thought that its only a 15-mins walking accompanied by two tour guides and yes, you dont need two, or even one tour guide for that, since there's a lot of signboards for you to get there. Yes, we've been tricked, as the tour guides actually asking for Rp500,000 for the "accompanying" service. I would argue if I were in Malaysia,but since we are outsiders, we just have to adhere. huhuhu...

After a disappointing trip to Tangkuban Perahu, we went to Kampung Daun for lunch. It was a place recommended by a friend, and I fully understand why she recommended this one. The place was great;the food, the view, serene, peaceful, beautiful,delicious,yap, I've said it all. And that "Banana fritters with ice cream" was one of the greatest that I have tasted. Yeah, I am a fan of this dessert, and everywhere I go, this is among the first thing that I'll search for. hehe.

We went to the famous shopping mall in Sukajadi, called "Paris Van Java", and yeah, as usual, we shopped. This mall is famous because of its Paris-like atmosphere.I never been to Paris, so I couldnt really tell. At least, "Charles and Keith" products are sold at cheaper price, and there's a lot more design/products as compared to Msia. Well,again, search for a good food is on again. We had our tea break in one of the cafe (Oh la la Cafe) serving strawberries and chocolate waffle, and drinks, before dinner time. I couldnt recall the name of the coffee shop though, I just guess. We went for a taste of sundanese food for dinner, couldnt remember the name of the restaurant, but I do remember one thing, the food is awesome (try to find Sundanese level at located on ground level)!!!!!!!!!!Nasi timbel, Nasi lalapan, ayam bakar...oh, I couldnt forget the taste of all those. Thank to my friend, Aleeyah, who is pursuing her medical degree (at that time) in Bandung, and she's the one who recommended that place to us.

The next day, we went to Dago factory outlets, along Jalan Dago. There are more than 20 outlets selling clothes, bags, belts, etc, but those places have failed to amuse me, as a shopper, and shopping is my entertainment. But Rumah Mode restaurant and cafe left me one hell of a good memory. We had plenty of "es" or ice desserts. From "Es buah" to "Es campur" and "Es alpukat", I think we enjoyed the desserts more than the shopping exercises.haha.

Oh ya, Bumbu Desa is the bestest (I dont know whether there is such word..haha) sundanese food restaurant on earth (yes, I exaggerated a bit). The chicken, the sambals, the hot chillis, oh my, I wish I can go there again now just to eat there. I dont quite remember the location, but you can always ask your driver to take you there. And its a blessing Bumbu Desa has opened its branches in Msia today. But I always think the main restaurant (which is in Bandung) tastes better.

The famous Pasar Baru is also one of the top most visited place in Bandung. Its like a normal shopping mall, but they mostly sell garments at cheaper price (lots cheaper compared to Malaysia). For embroided baju kebaya, you can get there at RM25 each (full set). Me and my sister bought more than 10 kebaya for our family, and lots of pretty fabrics for our Hari Raya.

If you walk to the left of Pasar Baru, you can find a street of tailors. They sew pants for RM16 each (complete with fabric and the sewing services). I picked a jean material, and couple of fabrics for my work pants, and its added up to only RM60. Its a 24-hour services, and you can only collect your pants a day after.

There's another good restaurant I would like recommend located along Jalan Dago, but I couldnt remember the name of the place. Its cheap, serve tasty food, and the atmosphere is great. Ah, Bandung food trail was awesome. If only I could have a second one though (well, as of today, its still not safe to travel to Indonesia due to political issues and weather..huhuhu)

Oh ya, here's my list of other recommended places if you were to visit Bandung! We will make sure to visit these places next time around

  1. Taman Rekreasi Seri Ater @ Ciater Hot Spring for a hot relaxing bath!
  2. Cidiwey (house of strawberries) - This is one of shooting location of the famous Indonesian movie, "Heart"
  3. Lunch at Sambara restaurant - Just ask your taxi driver the whereabout
  4. Other shopping spots? Check out Cihampelas (heaven for jeans), and Cibaduyut (heaven for handbags)...We have made few attempts to go there, but it's always 'macet' (heavy traffic)
  5. Have extra days in Bandung? Opt for a road trip to Bogor - Famous attractions in Bogor: Botanical Garden, Istana Bogor (Bogor castle), Rumah Anggrek (House of orchids) and don't forget to drop by at Fishing Valley for a nice seafood lunch
  6. Dinner in Dago Atas can be the ultimate oppurtunity to get some fresh air, enjoy panoramic views of the city as well as the surrounding hills and taste some of the best cuisine around Bandung after shopping in one of the countless factory outlets in lower Dago. The city lights by night will provide a mesmerizing bird's eye view of Bandung
  7. Spa at Dago area. It is bloody cheap. We went to this one shop (which I couldnt recalled the name), and we've paid RM30 each per person, for a 2-hour creambath and treatment!!!

 Oh ya, I have not listed down the factory outlets that you must visit if you were to go to Bandung, to shop (the one in BOLD is the must-visit FO;
  1. Bale Anak Outlet- Jl. Sumatra 31 P: +62 22 4215606
  2. Best Choice - Jl. Sukajadi 227 P: +62 22 2030924
  3. Big Price Cut - Jl. Aceh 66 P: +62 22 4202166
  4. Blossom Factory Outlet - Jl. Dago 40132
  5. Cargo - Jl. P. Diponegoro 30 P: +62 22 7200233
  6. FOS Clothing Gallery - Jl. Setiabudhi No: 73 P: +62 22 2043676
  7. Herreds - Jl. Aceh 40114
  8. Herritage- Jl. R.E. Martadinata 26 40114 P: +62 22 4220545
  9. Otten One - Jl. Dr. Otten No. 1 P: +62 22 4264905
  10. Raflesia City - Jl. Dago 40132
  11. Rich & Famous - Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No: 14 P: +62 22 4265222
  12. STAR FASHION Factory Outlet - Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.108 P: +62 22 2510000
  13. Stock Centre - Jl. Soekarno Hatta 24 40212 P: +62 22 6035531
  14. Terminal Mode - Jl. Lombok 45 P: +62 22 4239656
  15. The Summit Boutique Outlet - Jl. Riau No. 61 P: +62 22 4221001
  16. Warung Gaul Fashion Outlet - Jl. Cihampelas 151 P: +62 22 2034987
  17. Merdeka Outlet
  18. Level FO
  19. Victoria FO
  20. Raffles FO
And last but not least, a trip to Bandung would not be complete without buying Kartika Sari brownies. So head up to the branch at Dago, and buy kgs for your family and friends!

Till later y'all


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