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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seoul: Autumn sonata with my lil' one -Oct2013-

Adriana and I at Nami Island
Finally resumed our travelling activity after 6 months of living in Cairo (on business) and reunited with my husband (I miss him, I miss home!). And it is also about time to take my lil' one to experience the outside world considering the successful flying experience that we had (I took her with me when I went to Egypt, and she's behaving well throughout the journey)

Since we love kpop & kdrama so much, we've chosen Seoul (again) as our first family vacation destination. Our best friend is currently staying in Seoul, so we get to stay at his place instead (yeay!). If you were to go there, please refer to my previous post on Seoul for the hostel selection (of course for budget travellers). 

We've made the simplest itinerary this time around, a more relaxed one, as we're bringing our 13-months-old toddler. You don't want to push too many activities as kids can be fussy at times. And since we've covered most of the top attractions during our previous visit, we're now focused into places that we love most and easy for the kiddos. Seoul, aku datang lagi!

Day 1

The only place in Seoul where you can find a lot of halal restaurants around (and of course, halal bulgogi! yeay!). I would suggest you to visit the Murree Restaurant for halal korean food. You can print a google map before coming over though. It's a walking distance from Itaewon (Line 6) train station

Ok, to be honest, the food here is not cheap, you should expect to pay around RM40 - RM50 for a decent meal so yes, be prepared. The taste? Not really to my liking though, as I have tasted a tastier Korean dish before (at cheaper price of course), so whenever I am in Seoul, I will eat here only once..hehe

My funky princess

Murree Restaurant at Itaewon
Clockwise: Bulgogi, and Bibimbap at Muree Restaurant
Itaewon Global Village Festival currently happening at Itaewon

Myeongdong shopping arena
You can eat & drink (lots of cool theme cafes can be found here) and shop as there's a lot of cute Korean accessories shops, local beauty shops (beauty product in cute packaging!) and fashion stores (local fashion lines are more suitable to us Asian as compared to Topshop, Zara, etc.). Yes, Myeongdong can be crowded at times, especially at night, but I just love the ambience here. This would be my ultimate place to 'lepak' 

But most importantly, you can take your little one to cat cafes or dog cafes, easily found in Myeongdong. There's 2 cat cafes we've discovered in Myeongdong, we went to both but we prefer Qplus Cat Cafe located on floor 3F, Lot 359-125 though. The other cat cafe has a lot more cats, but their cats are not friendly, and the rules are quite strict. How to get there?

1) From Exit 6 Myeongdong, walk straight until you see BSX (on your right)
2) Turn right 

Myeongdong Shopping Arena

The day Super Junior decided to visit Tony Moly's branch at Myeongdong (we couldnt capture their photos..sighh)
My husband and Adriana
Local beauty products in cute packaging!
Qplus Cat Cafe at Myeongdong

Toms Cat Cafe : Adriana and the cats

The other Cat Cafe : More people but the cats are less friendly

Day 2

Nandaemun Market
You will be spoiled for choice, especially if you have girls. There's a lot of cute dresses, accessories, shoes for girls and I just wish I can buy them all! The only problem I have is the bargaining skill that I have to polish. Since most of the shoppers couldn't speak English, so you need to do more to get cheaper price. You may want to learn a bit of Korean language, I suppose

There's a lot of things can be found in Nandaemun. There are few sections such as souvenirs, accessories, beauty product, kitchen supplies, adult and kids clothing, shoes, etc. Mostly local product. To me, I only go to Nandaemun to find cute & affordable kids clothing, colourful kitchen supplies and of course, funky accessories (look for fashion accessories mall in Nandaemun market area)

Shoe store in Nandaemun Market
Something colourful for Mommy! (I bought ceramic pot too, and that's more durable than this one)

Cute shoes and accessories for Adriana

Please please find this fashion accessories mall located within market area

Insadong Art Centre
It's another place in Seoul you should go to. If you love antiques and arts galleries take the opportunity to savour the beauty of Insadong.

Unique ice-cream cone can be found at Insadong street mall area
Our favourite Korean restaurant (Gosame Restaurant) at Sinchon
And this would be my no 1 reason for keep coming to Seoul. Tasty local food! The combination of juicy grilled mackerel and spicy squid have never failed to lure me to walk all the way from Sinchon exit 2 to this restaurant, and I am willing to do this everyday. And it's quite cheap too. For generous amount of side dishes and rice for 3, together with grilled mackerels and 2 sets of spicy squid cost us only 17 000 won (RM50)! And for the same price, you can get only bibimbap and maybe one drink at Itaewon. 

How to get there?

1) Get off at exit 2 (Sinchon - Green Line 2)
2) Turn left and walk straight until you see UPlex 'Red Cone' on your left
3) Turn left and go straight until you see a Mcdonald. There is a small lane just before the Mcdonald on your left, so turn left and continue walking until you see a healing spa (located across the road on your left)
4) Turn left and walk straight until you see GS25 minimarket and then turn right. The restaurant is on your right (see below picture).

Our favourite Sinchon's restaurant - Gosame
Definitely the reason why I keep coming back to Seoul!

Day 3

Nami Island 
Of course, who doesnt love Nami Island. The breeze, the trees, the surrounding will definitely make you want to stay in Seoul (Nami) forever. The last time I visited Seoul, it was late spring and it was quite hot, and we are lucky this time around because autumn has definitely changed Nami into a prettier island.

You can find halal restaurant in the Nami Island, but because we has always wanted to try halal dalgakbi, there's a halal restaurant near Nami you should visit before you enter Nami Island. Once you arrived at the train station, instead of heading straight to Nami Island, ask the taxi driver to take you to Namiok restaurant (pronounce as Na-mi-yok). And not only the serve halal Dalgakbi, they also provides surau (prayer's room) in their restaurant, a spacious one. 

Namiok Restaurant

Halal Chicken Dalgakbi!

Enjoying the meal!

Nami Island : Early autumn

Cycling with our lil' one
After Nami, we went to Myeongdong again (shopping of course) and Sinchon again for dinner..hehe

Day 4

We went for a last minute shopping spree at Nandaemun market before saying goodbye to the land of kpop. We will definitely be back for more (last time it was Spring, this time its Autumn, so we should visit Seoul to experience Winter next time around). I will make sure, there will be next time..

Goodbye Seoul!

Signing off..Anyong~

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I still love travel despite being a mom!

My baby Adriana at 14days-old
It's been a while since I last write, and travel..well, other than my demanding career, I am now a mommy!! And the only free time for me to spend some time writing is when my in laws/parents are coming over and bring the little one out. hahahaha. At home, most of time, either I am busy with Adriana, or busy keeping my home clean..yes, I am OCD that way..

Despite that, yes, I still love travel..And we are now waiting for the right (when she's no longer that fragile) and we can freely pick places to go every weekend/month. Travelling with infant is going to be a very complicated process, I must say..but Delicious Baby blog has really enlighten me..So ya..cannot wait to kick off our new adventure travelling with my little one, Adriana..ya baby, Mommy can wait..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Enjoy Bali with less pennies!...(Feb2012)

at GWK
Visited Bali for the 4th time and we have discovered more and more ways to enjoy Bali, with less pennies yaww!! Having said that, I can simply conclude that anyone can enjoy Bali, any day, not necessarily for specific occasions like honeymoons, anniversary trips, etc. I have started to gather more info about Bali, still gathering, not yet conclusive, but now, I couldnt help it but to share whatever information that I have in hand with all of you!

The truth is, I didnt really follow these advices myself (who doesnt love to splurge when husband's, but yeah, I did it once (for my second visit) , I brought only RM300 (that equals to approx. Rp1million) and I had the most fun in Bali! You can try it too!

1) Flight tickets

Always remember that AirAsia offers cheap tickets if you book 6 months earlier (sometimes they even offer a RM0 tickets, which is just nuts!). I bought it once during RM0 promo, and it cost me RM100 only! (inclusive fuel surcharge and tax). So open your eyes, be alert all the time, subscribe to AirAsia e-news and get your ticket as early as 12.01am ya!

I got lucky because of the staff ticket price (thanks to hubs), Bali trip only cost us ~RM200 per person, even though I want to purchase a last minute ticket. Also bear in mind that when you travel to any part of Indonesia, always save Rp150K for the airport tax which you have to pay when you are going out of the country. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IT IS NOT PART OF THE TICKET PRICE, even though you buy from any other airlines company

2) Accommodation

Me, my sister, Nelly and my brother, Man @ Kuta Seaview Lounge

Deluxe room this time around!
I have once booked TuneHotel at Legian for RM60 for 3 days, 2 nights (refer to my 2nd post on Bali) just because I did it 6 months before. Well, I am that lucky rite! (AirAsiaGo always offer introductory price/ discounted price, so you better check AirAsiaGo for Tune Hotels promotion). Legian would be a wonderful place to stay (I kinda explain everything in my 2nd post on Bali..haha), but Kuta is a must-go when you visit Bali for the first time! Why? Well, I can simply say that Bali is nothing without Kuta beach..haha..The place where you can witness hot surfers all around the world experiencing Bali's wonderful waves!lol

For that reason, I suggest that you book cheap guesthouses,  preferably a walking distance to Kuta Beach. Try this one,  Segara Sadhu Inn. 0361) 759909, Jl. Poppies II Gang 1 # 3A , highly recommended by my friend who has been to Bali more than 5 times (they have no website, but you can call them). My friend said it costs around RM60/night per room,and Poppies lane is really close the beach (walking distance) and restaurants, shoplots, etc, so you dont have to worry!

I did not stay in this guesthouse since I have already fell in love with Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort and Spa from my 1st visit (see my 3rd post) which is literally located on Kuta beach.. If you booked through Agoda, it will costs you around RM244/night per room for a deluxe room.

Another idea to experience Bali at a fairly reasonable price is by booking an apartment or villas through, provided that you have your own transport (kindly note that it is very easy to rent a car or motorcycle in Bali). The price is cheaper than hotels, but sometimes, you can get better offer (huge luxurious villas for the price of a hotel room!)

I have got to try this out later, I was too focused to relax and immerse myself in Kuta Seaview ambience that I forgot that hotels are just a place for you to sleep! So dont splurge on accommodation unless you' re going on a honeymoon!

3) Transportation

Rented 2 sepeda motor at tourist booth next to our hotel
Heading to Nusa Dua public/hidden beach
The greatest way to enjoy Bali without having to spend big money is by renting a motorbike, or what locals say "sepeda motor". In Kuta area, you can bargain up to Rp50K (~RM17) per day (24 hours hokkay!!), and the fuel is cheap too! Dont worry, Bali's routes are not that difficult to understand, as long as you know which way is the east, west, south and north, you'll be fine. Plus, I found Balinese people are very nice, rather than us stopping  to ask for directions, they directed us first, without having to ask

If you have extra money, and extra pax, I suggest you rent a car without driver (who need driver if you can drive and read maps right?). I am not sure whether GPS helps, but we did well without it. Make sure you get a really good map (you can find it in most hotels or travel booth). Again, always bargain for the price. We got it for Rp220K (less than RM100 per day) for a Toyota Avanza or Kia, and we explored Bali, at our own routes!

If you want to book online, you may want to try using this website (their prices are quite cheap too!)

We discovered a lot of cool places just by wandering around the island without being told where to go. This way, you can discover Bali, your way!

Heading to Jimbaran, using village route, enjoying our Kia's adventure

Heading to Nusa Dua, enjoying our motorcyle ride

Great view that you can only get by exploring Bali, yourself!

4) Food

What a trip without visit to Jimbaran beach for their famous ikan bakar (grilled fish) right? And a sunset dinner is just a must (for couples especially), and you shouldnt skip this if you were in Bali. It's really worth the penny (Hey, thats where my husband proposed to me..haha), and the ambience is just perfect (some restaurants even offer live band performance)
But bear in mind, the price of the food is overly expensive. I think this place is overrated, but you cannot just skip the taste and the ambience. (I remember paying RM200 for a dinner for two during my 1st visit, and RM400 for a dinner for four)Yes, its soo expensive (my friend went there and ended up paying RM1000 for a dinner for two just because she ordered lobster!!).

Well, I think if you are not going for a honeymoon, approx 500m from Jimbaran famous seafood restaurants (it's a long lane, the famous Jimbaran seafood restaurants that ppl usually go to reside in the middle) you can find another spot for Jimbaran seafood restaurants, reside in a village area, still got to experience eating on the beach, but the seating arrangement is not so proper, afterall, you just want to taste Jimbaran grilled seafood at cheaper price, so why bother?

Jimbaran Beach
Sunset dining on the beach? Jimbaran it is!
The grilled seafood is soo tasty yet expensive

Approx. 500m on the other side of the lane, there's a small fishing village, where you can find wet market, and one small stall selling grilled fresh seafood on the go, means for takeaway only (this stall is located next to a ice-coconut stall), so this is absolutely the cheapest means of tasting Jimbaran grilled seafood. Must try!

Fishing village in Jimbaran

Small stall selling fresh grilled seafood on-the-go

Finding halal food in Bali is no longer difficult as compared to 4 years ago. So, if you have doubt to all these restaurants (I, too, cannot find the halal symbol), you can opt for Muslim seafood (they also serve Jimbaran grilled seafood) located in Kuta area

5) Beach

Wanna find other beach with a little privacy? Go to Nusa Area 5-stars hotel area, and there is a public beach (not so private lor) with less crowd..

6) Souvenirs shopping

Ubud market? not so cheap, you can find souvenirs are slightly cheaper price at Sukawati. Now, go ask locals!

I still have other things to share like spa, bla bla bla..but again...soo lazy, till later ya peeps!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Paris, Je t'aime!...Euro Trip Part IV-Sep2011-

Bonjour Madame! Bonjour Monsieur!We were greeted by the immigration lady the moment we landed in Paris Airport (CDG). !The city of love, I am finally here!! It was 12.30pm in the afternoon, and we straightly headed to the information counter to see Ludwig, our AirBnb host (Oh, he's actually working in CDG airport, what a coincidence!). He offered us the service to send our luggages to the apartment, so we could straightly enjoy our day in Paris. It's a bliss.

Accommodation...We have previously booked "Tour Eiffel Apartment" which offers a one-bedroom apartment for a price of 45USD a day (and centrally located) and it was cancelled by the host at the very last minute. I think its a blessing in disguise. Ludwig's one-bedroom apartment, located near Bastilles and Marais area its even better!

Skip hotels, or hostel for those in favour for cheaper option!I hate spending big money on accommodation (for the fact that you will just use it for sleeping),and I also hate the fact that most hostel are providing double-decker beds for cheaper price. Try AirBnB! and to be specific, book Ludwig's!.It makes you feel like living at home and cheap too! Check out or or call him at 06 32 02 83 28 to book for Ludwig's. The apartment its conveniently located, not located at the central Paris, but close enough to 3 metro stations; Voiltaire, Phillipe Auguste, Pere-De Lachaise, which connects you to almost everywhere in Paris. It has all you need for your stay; nice and modern-looking apartment, comfy sofa-bed (I wanna get one of these, seriously!), Wi-fi equipped, fully furnished kitchen (you can even bake!), TV, nice shower, and nice view (two big windows!). Its big enough for two person, and you can even hold a small party!And yeah, he even provides these equipments to my surprise; blender, iron, Italian-classic coffee maker, microwave oven, vacuum. There are couple of supermarkets, restaurants, laundry shop nearby and its walking distance to Bastilles and Marais area. Away from hustle and bustle of a city, but still close for you to enjoy it. We really enjoy our stay, and if we were to come again, we will make sure that we book Ludiwg's apartment. Ludwig's apartment is a place to feel the ultimate true Parisian living!

Ludwig's super comfy sofa bed

Ludwig's kitchen
Ludwig's Parisian living

Transportation...Dont worry, Paris city is well-connected by subway, busses and taxis. There are few options to get to Paris from CDG airport;
  • Taxi - Excellent door-to-door service especially to those who want to skip all the hassle and it gonna costs you around 40-70Euro. Simple note: Get your address written in French, because not all drivers could speak English
  • Train - The cheapest mode of transportation. Look for the sign "CDGVAL" means airport shuttle at Terminal 1, and get off at station "RoissyPole""Paris Par Train" or "Paris by train". There is a shuttle bus that gets you to RER B (Blue). RER B will stops at 7 stations;Gare du Nord, Châtelet les Halles, St Michel/Nôtre Dame, Luxembourg, Port Royal, Denfert-Rochereau, Cité Universitaire and you can find metros connected to it. This will costs you 9.10Euro per person (just for the RER ride to Paris) . Kindly also note that the first and last train from CDG to Paris is 04:56 and 23:56 respectively.For Terminal 2, look for the sign ""Paris Par Train" or "Paris by train" at the airport terminal.
If you happen to be arriving via Terminal 2G, the new Schengen (Euro Borderless Zone) terminal, you’ll need to take a shuttle bus to Terminal 2E/F in order to catch the RER train. The shuttle buses, circulating every 4-5 minutes, can be found just outside the arrivals area of 2G.For transportation around Paris, simply use metro, it connects you to almost everywhere in Paris. And if you have planned to travel to many places in one-day, just take the unlimited daily pass for metro, or "Mobilis" for 6.10Euro(reduced price for under 26) or simply take Paris Visite Pass for 12.90Euro per person (this covers Metro, RER, bus, tramway, and regional SNCF trains and also provides special offers at select museums, attractions, and restaurants). Check for early booking. One standard T+ metro ticket gonna costs you 1.70Euro per person, so its gonna save a lot!

  • Bus - Some people prefer bus since metros in Paris are all about stairs and connecting line, so it is easier if you just take one trip off without much hassle.
  1. Roissybus, (Paris city bus) makes trips from CDG Airport Terminals 1, 2 or 3 to central Paris location of Opéra (corner of rue Scribe & rue Auber). Cost of Roissybus is 10,00€
  2. Les Cars Air France (Air France coach line) makes trips from CDG Airport Terminals 1, 2 or 3 to central Paris locations of Arc de Triomphe (Charles de Gaulle Etoile), Montparnasse and Gare de Lyon. Cost is upwards of 19€. See article more
  3. Bus 351 (Paris city bus) stops to pick-up/drop off passengers at CDG Terminal 1, in between CDG Terminal 2A & Terminal 2C, in between Terminal 2B-2D, the Terminal 2 TGV train station, and Roissypole (RER B train station).  Cost for Bus 351 from CDG to Paris is three “Ticket t+” Metro tickets at 1,70€/each or 5,10€ total.  Tickets for the Roissybus can be purchased within the glass enclosed bus stop via the vending machine or from the ticket window (which may or may not be manned at the time of your arrival).  Bus tickets can also be purchased from the driver onboard.  Tickets are 10,00€ each.  
So we skipped all the transfer process since Ludwig was so kind to drop us off at the RER station, so since its already 1.00pm in the afternoon, we straightly went straight to our first destination: Notre Dame Cathedral. The closest metro is St.Michel Notre Dame which is the 3rd stop if you take RER B from airport (no need to change to any metro), so it has to be your first stop too! Notre Dame Cathedral is a church that contains the cathedra (official chair) of the Archbishop of Paris, currently André Vingt-Trois, finest examples of French Gothic architecture in France and in Europe, and the naturalism of its sculptures and stained glass are in contrast with earlier Romanesque architecture. The first period of construction from 1163 into 1240s coincided with the musical experiments of the Notre Dame school which I this cathedral was named after that school. There is no entrance fees, and you can actually pay too for the audio guide (which we didnt take because we were more interested with the structures and architecture).

Notre Dame's Cathedral - inside view
at Notre Dame's Cathedral

So after taking couple of photos, we went straight to nearest metros to get to Musee de Louvre. I suggest that you walk across the bridge and get to the other side of Notre Dame (heading St-Michel Notre Dame metro). You'll see there's a lot of souvenior shops selling souvenirs at cheaper price compared to others. And there is a street behind the building (your landmark: behind the Perfecture de Police building) where you can find lots of Paris restaurants (we were just walking by when we discovered this street). And the most important thing, the street also has couple of restaurants selling halal food, and there we stopped for lunch (of course, kebab again).

Food street near Notre Dame

hei, my name without the "na"

Nyum2 kebab at Notre Dame

It was also nice to see everyone has started wearing their autumn attire. I bought one mustard jacket myself, and of course, this is my time to shine..hahaha...The weather somehow, was weird. Its hot and cold, so you can see some people are still in their shorts..haha

Actually it will be easier for you if you walk a bit to take metro at Chatelet (Line 7) since you dont have to change lines to get to Palais Royal Musee de Louvre station which eventually will take you to the famous Musee de Louvre. Initially we have planned to visit Louvre at night (since its opening hours extended to 9.45pm on Wednesday and Friday) to avoid big crowd, but we went in at 4.30pm since I noticed that the big crowd has started to diminish. I think most people prefer visiting Louvre either early in the morning or afternoon, since it is normally closed by 5.30pm. So we bought the ticket for 10Euro per person (no need to book in advance since there's a lot of places selling the tickets) and audio/multimedia guide for 6Euro per person. This place is a lot bigger than Vatican Museum, so I dont suggest you to just walk through without any guide. Its Musee de Louvre!Spend some time, spend some money babe!I know some of you find museums boring,well, its your call.

Louvre - Gladiator's seat

Louvre - Me and hubs

Louvre - the famous Mona Lisa (La Joconda)

Louvre - Greek statue

Me n hubs in front of Louvre
The multimedia guide was very helpful even though I think the one that we had in National Gallery London was even better (see my London blog). Not all sculptures and paintings have numbers to refer to audio/multimedia details and the descriptions in the wall are all written in French. Too bad, else, I would have enjoyed Louvre more. The famous art that you can see in Louvre Museum are as follows;
  • Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting: Mona Lisa
  • Aphrodite, known as "Venus de Milo"
  • Rembrandt; Self potrait of him
  • Cupid and Psyche
  • Michaelangelos's
I love listening to the details especially paintings. I just love the fact that all the paintings have their own stories and some interesting fact behind it (i.e. the original name of Mona Lisa's painting is "La Joconde", the wife of Francesco del Giocondo). We spent all afternoon in Louvre Museum (almost 3hours plus) and since we have promised Ludwig that we'll meet him at the apartment at 8.00pm, so we have to skip another half of the museum (we'll surely be back for more!)

Funny thing happened to me in that museum, as I was approached by these two Malaysian interns, Malay to be exact, asking me directions to get the multimedia guide IN PROPER ENGLISH, and when I spontaneously replied "Bawah" means "downstairs" in Malay, they opened their eyes wide!Guess what, they thought I am Italian!And I obviously dont resemble one..haha..Italian huh?petite Italian perhaps..:P

Louvre - Tea at The Cafe
After having nice coffee and tea near Louvre, we went back to our apartment, and called it a night.

I just couldnt wait to get off apartment the next morning. Its shopping day!And of course, the visit to the famous Eiffel.After having a simple coffee early in the morning, we went straight to Champ de Elysees, which is accesible by taking metro line 2 or 6 to Charles-de-Gaulle-Étoile, for a visit to Arc de Triomphe. This place, which is located on one end of the Champ-Elysees is one of the most famous monument in Paris and obviously a must-see. Located at the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle, this monument was built to honour those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars. Beneath its vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.

Before leaving the apartment..:P

Arc de Triomphe
Champ de Elysees
Obviously, simple coffee in the morning wasnt good enough to make us feel full so we stopped for brunch at McCafe which is located nearby. French fries (its American food btway..haha), was my first option (it makes me feel full for quite some time, croissant doesnt work for me..haha), and cappucino has become one of my favourite drink (i dont drink coffee that much anyways).

So we strolled down the road for a sneak peek before the actual shopping activities after Eiffel visit. We have purchased Eiffel ticket online so we didnt want to show up late (Please and please buy online tix earlier, it saves lots of queuing time)

Eiffel Tower

Me @ Eiffel Tower

Me and hubs at the top of the tower

Eiffel Tower visit was awesome! We climbed up to top of the tower and could see the whole Paris City. It's quite windy and cold, so we didnt really spent the entire afternoon upstairs. Visit for a complete info on Eiffel Tower visit. I would love to try out the classic lunch and dinner but I know its quite expensive. Well, gotta save it for the next visit. Oh ya, Bir-Hakeim (line 6) is the closest métro station to get to the Eiffel Tower. Along the way, you must make a stop at this shop, for the best chocolate crepe i ever tasted..nyum2

Stop here to taste the best choc crepe in London

Of course, right after that we make a shopping stop at Champ de Elysees..the damage was huge!Bought my 1st LV (Neverfull) and loving it!Yeay..(oh, and couple of other handbags from H&M..hehe)

Blair from GG loves this!

It's already late in the afternoon and we decided to eat-in and spent our quality time at the apartment. The apartment is quite fully furnished, the host even provided us with full kitchenette, you can even cook rendang...haha...Of course, we've planned for a night walk near the apartment but watching TV was always the best option.

We went out to Hard Rock cafe that night, located at boulevard Montmartre. From the Metro/Subway, take Grands Boulevards lines 8 and 9, Richelieu-Druot lines 8 and 9, or Bourse Line 3.

One thing you shouldnt miss when visiting Paris, is a Night Tour Bus (of course the best choice would be an open-top tour bus)...Bought a tix from online, and the experience was just superb. Its very cold that night, and it was raining the first half, wearing trenchcoats, gloves and comfy baret, and a shared umbrella, it felt like drama, we fell in love again...

View from top of the bus...touring the city
Arc de Triomphe at night

Riding on a night tour bus

So we went back to the apartment and called it a night, after having the most romantic night with my husband in Paris city..we'll surely be back for more!