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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I still love travel despite being a mom!

My baby Adriana at 14days-old
It's been a while since I last write, and travel..well, other than my demanding career, I am now a mommy!! And the only free time for me to spend some time writing is when my in laws/parents are coming over and bring the little one out. hahahaha. At home, most of time, either I am busy with Adriana, or busy keeping my home clean..yes, I am OCD that way..

Despite that, yes, I still love travel..And we are now waiting for the right (when she's no longer that fragile) and we can freely pick places to go every weekend/month. Travelling with infant is going to be a very complicated process, I must say..but Delicious Baby blog has really enlighten me..So ya..cannot wait to kick off our new adventure travelling with my little one, Adriana..ya baby, Mommy can wait..

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