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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Enjoy Bali with less pennies!...(Feb2012)

at GWK
Visited Bali for the 4th time and we have discovered more and more ways to enjoy Bali, with less pennies yaww!! Having said that, I can simply conclude that anyone can enjoy Bali, any day, not necessarily for specific occasions like honeymoons, anniversary trips, etc. I have started to gather more info about Bali, still gathering, not yet conclusive, but now, I couldnt help it but to share whatever information that I have in hand with all of you!

The truth is, I didnt really follow these advices myself (who doesnt love to splurge when husband's, but yeah, I did it once (for my second visit) , I brought only RM300 (that equals to approx. Rp1million) and I had the most fun in Bali! You can try it too!

1) Flight tickets

Always remember that AirAsia offers cheap tickets if you book 6 months earlier (sometimes they even offer a RM0 tickets, which is just nuts!). I bought it once during RM0 promo, and it cost me RM100 only! (inclusive fuel surcharge and tax). So open your eyes, be alert all the time, subscribe to AirAsia e-news and get your ticket as early as 12.01am ya!

I got lucky because of the staff ticket price (thanks to hubs), Bali trip only cost us ~RM200 per person, even though I want to purchase a last minute ticket. Also bear in mind that when you travel to any part of Indonesia, always save Rp150K for the airport tax which you have to pay when you are going out of the country. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IT IS NOT PART OF THE TICKET PRICE, even though you buy from any other airlines company

2) Accommodation

Me, my sister, Nelly and my brother, Man @ Kuta Seaview Lounge

Deluxe room this time around!
I have once booked TuneHotel at Legian for RM60 for 3 days, 2 nights (refer to my 2nd post on Bali) just because I did it 6 months before. Well, I am that lucky rite! (AirAsiaGo always offer introductory price/ discounted price, so you better check AirAsiaGo for Tune Hotels promotion). Legian would be a wonderful place to stay (I kinda explain everything in my 2nd post on Bali..haha), but Kuta is a must-go when you visit Bali for the first time! Why? Well, I can simply say that Bali is nothing without Kuta beach..haha..The place where you can witness hot surfers all around the world experiencing Bali's wonderful waves!lol

For that reason, I suggest that you book cheap guesthouses,  preferably a walking distance to Kuta Beach. Try this one,  Segara Sadhu Inn. 0361) 759909, Jl. Poppies II Gang 1 # 3A , highly recommended by my friend who has been to Bali more than 5 times (they have no website, but you can call them). My friend said it costs around RM60/night per room,and Poppies lane is really close the beach (walking distance) and restaurants, shoplots, etc, so you dont have to worry!

I did not stay in this guesthouse since I have already fell in love with Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort and Spa from my 1st visit (see my 3rd post) which is literally located on Kuta beach.. If you booked through Agoda, it will costs you around RM244/night per room for a deluxe room.

Another idea to experience Bali at a fairly reasonable price is by booking an apartment or villas through, provided that you have your own transport (kindly note that it is very easy to rent a car or motorcycle in Bali). The price is cheaper than hotels, but sometimes, you can get better offer (huge luxurious villas for the price of a hotel room!)

I have got to try this out later, I was too focused to relax and immerse myself in Kuta Seaview ambience that I forgot that hotels are just a place for you to sleep! So dont splurge on accommodation unless you' re going on a honeymoon!

3) Transportation

Rented 2 sepeda motor at tourist booth next to our hotel
Heading to Nusa Dua public/hidden beach
The greatest way to enjoy Bali without having to spend big money is by renting a motorbike, or what locals say "sepeda motor". In Kuta area, you can bargain up to Rp50K (~RM17) per day (24 hours hokkay!!), and the fuel is cheap too! Dont worry, Bali's routes are not that difficult to understand, as long as you know which way is the east, west, south and north, you'll be fine. Plus, I found Balinese people are very nice, rather than us stopping  to ask for directions, they directed us first, without having to ask

If you have extra money, and extra pax, I suggest you rent a car without driver (who need driver if you can drive and read maps right?). I am not sure whether GPS helps, but we did well without it. Make sure you get a really good map (you can find it in most hotels or travel booth). Again, always bargain for the price. We got it for Rp220K (less than RM100 per day) for a Toyota Avanza or Kia, and we explored Bali, at our own routes!

If you want to book online, you may want to try using this website (their prices are quite cheap too!)

We discovered a lot of cool places just by wandering around the island without being told where to go. This way, you can discover Bali, your way!

Heading to Jimbaran, using village route, enjoying our Kia's adventure

Heading to Nusa Dua, enjoying our motorcyle ride

Great view that you can only get by exploring Bali, yourself!

4) Food

What a trip without visit to Jimbaran beach for their famous ikan bakar (grilled fish) right? And a sunset dinner is just a must (for couples especially), and you shouldnt skip this if you were in Bali. It's really worth the penny (Hey, thats where my husband proposed to me..haha), and the ambience is just perfect (some restaurants even offer live band performance)
But bear in mind, the price of the food is overly expensive. I think this place is overrated, but you cannot just skip the taste and the ambience. (I remember paying RM200 for a dinner for two during my 1st visit, and RM400 for a dinner for four)Yes, its soo expensive (my friend went there and ended up paying RM1000 for a dinner for two just because she ordered lobster!!).

Well, I think if you are not going for a honeymoon, approx 500m from Jimbaran famous seafood restaurants (it's a long lane, the famous Jimbaran seafood restaurants that ppl usually go to reside in the middle) you can find another spot for Jimbaran seafood restaurants, reside in a village area, still got to experience eating on the beach, but the seating arrangement is not so proper, afterall, you just want to taste Jimbaran grilled seafood at cheaper price, so why bother?

Jimbaran Beach
Sunset dining on the beach? Jimbaran it is!
The grilled seafood is soo tasty yet expensive

Approx. 500m on the other side of the lane, there's a small fishing village, where you can find wet market, and one small stall selling grilled fresh seafood on the go, means for takeaway only (this stall is located next to a ice-coconut stall), so this is absolutely the cheapest means of tasting Jimbaran grilled seafood. Must try!

Fishing village in Jimbaran

Small stall selling fresh grilled seafood on-the-go

Finding halal food in Bali is no longer difficult as compared to 4 years ago. So, if you have doubt to all these restaurants (I, too, cannot find the halal symbol), you can opt for Muslim seafood (they also serve Jimbaran grilled seafood) located in Kuta area

5) Beach

Wanna find other beach with a little privacy? Go to Nusa Area 5-stars hotel area, and there is a public beach (not so private lor) with less crowd..

6) Souvenirs shopping

Ubud market? not so cheap, you can find souvenirs are slightly cheaper price at Sukawati. Now, go ask locals!

I still have other things to share like spa, bla bla bla..but again...soo lazy, till later ya peeps!