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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bali, the Proposal -Feb2009-

This is where Rahim proposed! Went there for a-day visit (on Valentine's day), and it was awesome!!!!!(**n we got married exactly a year after - on 14th Feb 2010). Didnt quite managed to go to all Bali main attractions, (Cant wait for our next Bali trip in May 2010!!). We went to Kuta Beach for our Mcdonald-lunch and visited the famous Garuda Wisnu Kecana (GWK), and it was awesome!, In the afternoon, we went to Nusa Dua for snorkelling and straight to Jimbaran Beach afterwards for that surprise sunset dinner for me by the beach (and he proposed to me!!!, n I said yes!)

Taxi ride from airport to Kuta wasnt expensive at all. I think its around RM15 the max.The rate might increase nowadays..

Kuta beach?its totally overrated. Despite the facts that there's a lot of tourists n surfers, I think the beach is not kinda beach that I wanna visit next time. If you are a surfer, you might think of going there, since Kuta beach offers incredibly huge waves for the surfer and surf/wake board rental services for 20usd per hour , which is damn expensive. Totally not going there again. the beach is not clean, and there's a lot of hawkers trying hard to sell their stuff/services. Keep meeting them every 5 minutes, and I dont feel comfortable around there. Well, Hard Rock cafe/hotel is located alongside, and I've got to buy a Bali Hard Rock Tshirt to add up to my we went there anyways..

Garuda Wisnu Kencana?Or locally known as GWK (pronounced as "ge-we-ke"). Our taxi driver recommended this place. He said if we were to pay him ~RM100, he will takes us to GWK, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran in one day (the top most visited), and we said yes (I think its kinda pricey, but since Rahim's paying, I dont care..hahaha). I really like GWK, its a private cultural park, showing big sculptures, and somehow I think the place is awesome (for photography session)!Great views, great sculptures, green grass, big stones (and I was thinking of saving this place for my post-wedding shots)..hahaha..Well, I do appreciate great views..and I thought that's we are paying for when travelling out of Msia aite?

Nusa dua? We paid RM100 for a snorkelling trip for two, enough for us to experience snorkelling for 2 hours, turtle islands, and a return trip to Nusa Dua islands (with a glass boat, so you can see the fishes from your boat). Dont ever be fooled by this package, the water is not that crystal-clear, and I couldnt see the fishes(I think might be because of the weather). If I were to visit Bali again next time, I will definitely consider staying in Nusa Dua area. Its a high-class area, with white sandy beaches and the hotels are all exclusive.

We went to Jimbaran Beach for the famous sunset dinner (their well known Jimbaran Ikan Bakar is a must taste, sedaaap), and thats when Rahim proposed to me..Everything was perfect. Candlelight dinner in Bali, sunset, table on the beach (with our foots touching the white sandy beach), and that cute 0.3K diamond ring that Rahim chose himself (well, good enough for engagement I guess). I'm officially his then (well, not quite la, since the engagement ceremony is right after!) And tell you what, I'm so going to Bali again!

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