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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its winter in Hong Kong -Dec2008-

*HK city view from the peak

yeah, ive said it, im likin this place man!its like a shoppin heaven for ppl like me; shopaholic-on-budget. i dont realle go for brands, coz its pricey, but Hong Kong serves the bestest brands at slightly lower price (if u gotta compare it wif Msia of coz).

n if u feel like traveling to Hong Kong (HK), plan early or get a 'lonely planet' guide at least.Jam did all the planning last time, n he had made us felt like we r not strangers in HK.respek!

n if u wanna feel like u r in a runway, visit HK in December (its winter, n everyone's wearing trenchcoat!!). Winter in HK its not similar to winter in London;wer u have snow, n its supercold. "macam dalam TV tula".Its 9- 20DegreeC last time when we visited HK. Its sunny, and there is no rain . Dat way, u can be wearing hot fake gucci shades wif trenchcoat n matchin all time...its funky man!!we went up the hill wif our sweaters, n boots, with no single sweat!"rasenye la, x tau la yang lain cane"

Accommodation.................................we've been always so fussy on selection of accommodation, but not willin to pay more than RM100 per nite (hahaha), n always ended up stayin in a budget-hostel instead...Jam recommended "Guangdong Guest House", [ full address - B2, 5/F Block B, Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road] .GGH has received some kind of top hostel award in HK, and Simon (the owner) is kinda friendly and very very helpful! 4 beds with private bedroom only costs us RM70+ per night. Its bloody cheap!The hostel sounded kodi, but we just went for it, never thought that it is located in the middle of the city, n everything is just around the corner (Nathan Road is a very long road, n there r many boutiques and shops along the road), n its near to the harbour too (Must go: HarbourFront city; 700 branded shops under one roof)

*Nathan Road at nite

Guangdong Guest House can be reached by;

a) bus (50minutes, $HK33)- get off at the 14th bus stop at the Middle Road/Nathan Road, GHH is a 30 second walk. You can find Chungking Mansion at the right hand side
b) airport taxi (45minutes, $HK300) - red colored taxi only coz others dont go to Kowloon area . If u plan on to take taxi, it can be a good precaution to have the name and address of your hotel written down in Chinese before you arrive.
c) airport express, AEL (25 minutes, $HK90) - Get off at Kowloon Station, then take the
shuttle bus #K5, get off at Holiday Inn Golden Mile (Hotel)(1 min walk to Chungking Mansion)

We took a double-decker bus, and the view was superb. I highly recommend the bus ride, n yeah, its kinda cheaper if u r traveling in grup, n more fun!"Nampak sume hong kong city "

There are many places to visit in HK; but yeah, more days spent means more money needed. Again, its the city for shoppers. Since that we stay in Kowloon area, we need to take a ferry at the harbour to get to HK city (MRT is also an option, but we just want to enjoy the ferry ride). MUST VISIT.......Few recommended places that we went to;
Fa Yuen Street for the night markets;a walking distance from our guesthouse. There are many night markets around Nathan Road, i couldnt realle recall all their names. (Nathan Road its kinda center of the city babe).

Mid Levels Escalator @ Connaught Road, the longest escalators (800metres) in the world. It is also connected to SOHO, where u can finds lots of bars,clubs and dining places here. "best gile kat sini, gempak"
Route 973,bus route that is worth seeing, travels from Tsim Sha Tsui, around Kowloon, crosses the harbour and winds around the coast of Hong Kong.
Ocean Park (RM130) or DisneyLand; but we went to the Ocean Park instead of Disneyland, dont know wats the reason behind it. Its realle realle crowded, coz its new year...n u have to wait almost half an hour for a ride.
The Victoria's Peak (Madame Tussaud Wax Museum also located here, its smaller that the one at London though), by taking the 45Degree Peak Tram . Entrance fee to Museum ~ RM60. They have a place called "Asylum - Scream" inside this museum (its similar to haunted house), where they have pretend-pscyhos to scare the hell out of u, n its realle realle scary."well, utk aku scary la,tp lina n kaf selambe masuk 2 kali"

Stanley Market sells miscellaneous items, similar to the one in Fa Yuen street, but I guess stuffs here are cheaper. Take the double-decker bus, and experience a near-death experience riding up a hill in a double doucker bus (the bus drivers are crazyyyy)..:P...n the view is just breathtaking..Awww, n how I missed havin lunch in Stanley (Pizza seems a lot tastier there, somehow)

*Stanley Market
Ngong Pin 360, cool cable car rides to Ngong Pin

*Buddha Statue
*Cable Car ride, Ngong Pin 360
HarbourFront City, a must go!!!n dont go on ur first day of visit, u'll lose all ur money here. (if u r a shopaholic, of coz) . 700 brands under one roof, n the shops design are way cooler..

Bank of China tower, tallest building in HK,n the view is superb! "tp sbb dah naik KLCC ari2, tade la rs superb sgt.:P"

Times Square, where u can find all the malls (cool branded boutiques) , "nila tempat aku beli COACH aku yg murah tu"

I think we went to other places as well coz I remember riding on a cable car twice, takin pictures of gorgeous building structures in the city (yes, u'll like it), went up the hill to take pictures with Budhhas, went to the malls to shop like hell (yes, they have H&M there, n lots of branded item shops) , bought my first COACH, and I also remember riding on a ferry (at the harbour front city)

Yeah, I still think HK its worth visiting. And im thinking of going there again (still finding the time, n money). I bet it shud be called 'city for shoppers'.

Food.............................. Its not easy to get halal food though. There are few places recommended, but I think its too far out from our guesthouse. Most of the time, we went for vegetable pizzas (Pizza Hut is more exclusive here, and the price is more expensive compared to other brand), fishburgers @ Mcd, and eating our own food. We brought a lot canned foods and serunding (nasi only costs RM8 per plate). I highly suggest u to bring ur own food for back-up. Its cold, n u'll feel like eating at all times!

Average Meal Prices;
Low: HK$10-50
Mid: HK$50-120
High: HK$120-250
Deluxe: HK$250+
*$HK 10 = RM4

And the new year celebration was awesome!!We just chilled around the harbour area for the "city light n sound" show (they usually have it everi nite at 8pm, but for new year celebration, they have a special one, and it is supercool).. We went there early (as early as 8), and stayed there until 1pm...its super cold, coz its 10DegreeC and windy. We felt like goin to toilet all the time, but unfortunately, the toilet was too far out, n Kaf, his neverending jokes made us felt like wanna kick his big ass out into the sea...hahaha..
I think there's a lot more to tell, but enuff for this one...I'll update once I have something in mind..

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