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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Phuket , where the fun begins - Mac2008-

It was my first year of working, and Syah (my BFF) n Aik Jun decided dat we should just take a 5-days off and enjoy Phuket. The beaches. We didnt properly plan and we weren't taking any tour/travel guide, we just.. went for it..

The first thing that I've learnt from this trip is "not to visit Phuket in March", because everything's so expensive at that time (peak season I guess). But its kinda cool though, as we felt like visiting Californian beach. "Mat Saleh" were almost everywhere.n N THE WOMEN WERE TOPLESS!!! I think we're the only Asians (Msian) visiting at that time and most people thought that we were locals.

Accommodation ...............The best thing about Phuket is their beaches.MUST VISIT: Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi Island!!! Its so nice n relaxing..We stayed at "Butterfly Guest House"-10minutes walking distance to Patong Beach. Approx ~ RM60 per nite (Fan room), if I can remember it correctly la. The room is quite big, clean and comfortable. Check this website; . If you couldnt stand the walking, hitchhiking a motorbike can be a good option. Well, its not just an ordinary motorbike. I think the biker wears some colored vest that clearly indicates "hey, I am ready to send you anywhere around Patong, you just have to pay me". It costs us 20bath for a 10-minutes ride.
We went to almost all islands around Phuket (Monkey island, Phi Phi, Phanga Bay, James Bond Island), not forgetting the elephant ride, the waterfall,the water rafting, the Thailander (balinese huh?) massage, the parasailing and thats almost summed up to everything. You dont have to plan for Phuket, everything has already been planned for u, just bring enough money, and yeah, that's it!
There are many tourist booths in Patong Beach (I think they have it every 5km, approx.), just pick the package that excite u, and enjoy. And because it was during peak season, its difficult to find a cheap package..huhuhu..but the cheapest one-day package available is around RM100
Thailandander massage is bloody CHEAP!We went to this one particular spa & massage boutique;C&N Massage (very close to the Patong Boxing Stadium)and paid only RM40 for 1-hour & massage...Cheap2!!!!!n the place is quite nice though for the price. I'm not sure whether the price has increased nowadays, but you can always try your luck!

The Food..................."Macam tak penah makan makanan thailand la pulak kan?...:p"Dont worry, there's a couple of Arabian Restaurant at Patong town area, or worst case, u can always go for Mc'D Fishburgers..grin...The arabian restaurants in Phuket area serve tomyam!haha, n yeah, I remember this specific meal that we thought was supposed to be exotic; "Glory Morning with Shrimp Paste" which turned out to be "Kangkung Belacan"...."agak klakar ar"...The price of the food?well, its supposed to be cheaper, but yeah, again this peak season thingy...One plate of noodles costs u RM20, and yeay, that's expensive...huhu. But as long as there's halal foods, its good enough for us..

The activities....There's a lot of things to do in Phuket, and 5 days werent enough for us. Well, below is the list of the MUST-do activities, that I can personally recommend;
1) 4-island hopping tour - which of course includes visit to the famous Phi Phi Island beach
2) Outdoor tour - which also includes elephant trekking, trip to monkey cave, water rafting, short visit to waterfall, etc
3) Spa & massage - of your choice
4) Bungee jumping - I have yet to try one though.
5) Night shopping trip at Patong town area- nicer view at nite I guess
6) Boxing stadium at phuket town
7) Simon Cabaret show - one must see this!Its unbelievably awesome!
8) Hard Rock Cafe
9) Patong beach activities - paragliding, banana boat, etc
and a lot more!there's a lot of tour packages available, and all you can do is just pick and enjoy!!Thats all I could remember for now, maybe next time I fill in more...gtg..

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