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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

my first entry to dis one..

Hi..Its been a long time since I last do this thing. Bloggin'. I hate to write really coz I'm not realle gud at words..fancy words especially. I fancy shoppin', travellin', dancin', havin' gud time wif frens n almost e'thin' in this small world except writin' livin life to the fullest..But I really really want to share how fun my life is; from my perspective...How I view life, how I live life...n since I love so many things, I really wanna keep it somewer permanent...(I'm not gud at safekeepin', most of the time I lost my thumbydrivy)...So I said, "hei, why don't u blog?n try ur very best to remember the password n the title"...n yeah, here I am, bloggin'...

i like mandy, in short for amanda (blueekk), n yeah, reality check,i wasnt born 'amanda'. i was born 'estro'...n yeah, im likin the name since wif wateve u have dear...

i wanna write bout anythin..but specifically to places dat ive been, n i wanna go, coz if I were to write bout anything, in general, dats not blogging, dats diary man..hahaha...i take control of my own life, n im lovin every sec of livin life to the fullest!!!!!

So Why Travel?

I fancy travelling since I was small (well of coz I love shopping more). The farthest that Ive been to is Indonesia (Batam is my grandparents's hometown) , and Singapore (well, I live in JB and that's within reach) only. And travelling wif parents is a no for me coz my dad is pretty strict bout everythin.:(..I've been given the opportunity to go out of Msia to further study and work (US, and Argentina), and somehow, I didnt choose that road.

So now that I'm workin in Msia n have money of my own, y not travellin?n thanks AirAsia for making my dreams came true; the ticket is affordable for ppl like me (low-cost-traveller..hehe), n lots cheaper if u buy it earlier,plus now that I'm married to an engineer for who works for AirAsia, things r lotsss easier for me.(i.e. free tix, staff price, etc)..hehehe...N thank GOD, he loves travelling tooo!!In fact, he's gone to most places in US, and I envy him for that (when he was in OSU), n spent most of his scholarship money for travelling, n yeay, he's realle serious bout travelling..
Plus, I have a circle of frens who love travelling..They r my colleagues at work. They r shopaholics and camwhores too. We are alike in sooo many ways. So why not travel?I have the perfect reasons for that. First.. I have money of my own(not much, but enuff to become a budget traveller), Second.. I love shopping, Third.. I love sightseeing n camwhoring, Fourth.. I'm married to AirAsia staff, Fifth..My husband loves to travel, Sixth..I have frens who love travelling!!!Yadidaididai!!End of story

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