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Monday, September 6, 2010

Its Summer in Beijing!-Aug2010-

Fuh, finally I can spend some time to continue writing on Beijing (life is pretty hectic lately).

It's supposed to be a trip to France (huhu), but it was changed at the very last minute. But its ok, as long as I got to travel wif Rahim, on business, Beijing is good enough! Rahim went there first,and I followed him a week later. Its pretty much travelling alone from here though..haha..
Its a long 6-hour flight from Msia to Tianjin airport, since there's no direct flight to Beijing (of course Air Asia, the super-low-cost airline). There's a couple way to go Beijing from Tianjin airport;

1) Taxi (USD150 = RMB1000?)

2) Bullet train from Tianjin station to Beijing south station (RMB58/RMB69)

3) Bus (always the cheapest option, but takes longer time) costs only RMB40 for travelling time is 2.5hours..sigh~

Of course, I couldnt choose other than the famous 300km/hr bullet train which takes only less than 30mins to reach Beijing. To get there, you can take either bus or taxi to the train station. We took a bus because well (taxi costs RMB45), its cheaper (RMB20), and at the same time, you got to see Tianjin city. Tianjin is not as exactly what I've pictured. There are many sky-scrapers, modern building, structured highways...ahh, arent China supposed to be filled with hutong-like places?Yes, to tell you the truth, that is exactly what I've imagined. Too much watching Chinese movies I guess. We didnt managed to see that much of Tianjin, since we're in a rush. Its fasting month, and we just want to arrive exactly before break fast, so I can prepare a home-cooked meal for Rahim. (Its been a week for him, and I do think that he missed my cooking a lot!oh yeah, I cook every night for him)
The transportation is so convenient in Beijing,the subway system its even better and cheaper compared to Msia, of course. It covers the whole city, and you are only paying flat RMB2 (1 ringgit) to anywhere, regardless of your distance. And I dont think you need a car since most stops are located near top tourist attractions and mall!

We stayed at Haidian Sommerset ZhonguanChun - Serviced Apartment located in Haidian district. I am not that fussy if come to selection of place to stay, but this time, since its going to be for 2 weeks (and in China, during fasting month), I got to find place that has a small kitchen (at least) so I can cook. And Sommerset ZhongguanChun seems to fit all of our criterias; its located near Haidian and ZhongguanChun subway station, surrounded by digital malls, and shopping malls, provide a one-bedroom apartment with full kitchen and its located near carrefour!
Got to continue writing soon.Da~

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