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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Singapore Gerek Seh -Dec2009-

Its our ritual-end-of-the-year vacation/celebration, and since most of us want to save money, (me personally wanna save money for my wedding on the 14th Feb 2010), we chose Singapore (n the other group went to Indo-China..huhuh)...Our travelling group is smaller this time; me, rahim, kaf, lina and abg irwan. Not a trip to be remembered though (on the "jalan-jalan" part), but we sure gotta remember Siloso Beach Party!!!!n yes, we sure did...

It was a short trip; enough to experience New Year Celebration and part of Spore. We never get to experience the whole Singapore though, yeah, maybe next time, with a bigger group..and lots of money for shopping!

One must know that to enter Spore by car, the car must be registered upon entrance (entry = SING6, exit = RM6) and get an AutoPass for SING10 (since most highway in Spore is under ERP - which means Every Road Pay, nah...its actually means Electronic Road Pricing). Its similar to having SmartTAG in Msia. Car registration requires passport and roadtax. Oh ya, one more thing, I think there is some payment for entrance, but Msian is allowed to drive 10 days for free. Check this website. (

We went to Bugis Junction on our first day in Spore, for street shopping, n somewhere around town on the second day. We went to shop at Paragon, and all the malls located along Orchard Road. There's a lot of shopping malls around Orchard area, that you could just park your car and walk. Dont underestimate the parking rate though. It is expensive!The only thing that I remember most from this trip; yeah, its one hell of a shopping trip. I've spent close to RM1000 myself.or maybe more, !.haha..There's a lot of RAOUL, GUESS, DOCKERS,ARMANI EXCHANGE, etc shopping bags at the back of our car..(n kantoi ngan imigresen, so kene byr tax plak...)Hahaha.

Our main intention going to Spore is to celebrate new year. Siloso Beach Party. Thats what they called it. Cool DJs, cool place, cool selection of songs, cool party n yeah, coolness! (for the fact that they have their signature-foam-ppooll!). Its kinda havoc n out-of-control sometimes (yah, I've got to see some bangla harrassed a lady in front of my eyes!, n dats disgusting!benci2!!!). I felt a bit secure coz my fiance is around. Ok, enough about the party. But guess what, they have it every year, so check it out ( Its the coolest party in town!

Food.....Many great eating places can be found in Spore, and we did find one. Hajjah Maimunah Restaurant, on Arab street and I am still craving for her tasty "Rojak Tahu". Yummy! I dont recall how much we spent for this, but its considered expensive if you were to compare it with Msian food. Of cois!
Lepaking at Arab street at night can also be a good choice. There's no "mat rempit! For the first time, lepak seems exclusive and high-class

Accommodation....We stayed in a budget hotel near Bugis(Beach hotel) for SING100 per night, not that near though to Sentosa Island, but good enough for us (We have the same mutual understanding that its even wiser to spend more money on shopping, not for accommodation). We dont have that big of a problem since we are travelling by car. But we surely gonna book one of those in Sentosa Island if we gonna come again next time.

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