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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Travel Tools for Backpackers

1) Camera: From coolpix to D40 to D90 (Nikon loyal customer..:D), I think by now, I am more than ready to explore the world. Hope this "honeymoon year" will not end that soon..

2) Travel Bag: Yes, absolutely. And thank you Deuter 60L for always be by our side.
3) Universal adapter: A must have, well for your laptop, camera, duhh~~

4) Laptop : Coz most hotels/hostels provide free Wi-Fi and not to waste it right? You have to google the places/maps you want to go to once in a while, bukan nye ade garmin all the time pun
(action item: buy garmin maps)
5) Iphone : MUST HAVE. It has all kind of applications; i.e. compass, maps, etc
6) Packed foods? : Especially when you are visiting countries where their Muslim population is minority (i.e. Beijing, etc)

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