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Saturday, May 12, 2012

London is a place for Shopaholics yaww!..Euro Trip Part I -Sep2011-

Rahim and I at Seven Kings Railway Station
I never thought this trip to London would cost me so much money!!!Haha..I'm being dramatical again.Nah, I might be right on shopping though but actually it wont cost that much when it comes to transportation and accommodation. Not that much. Seriously.Ya, ya, I've spent most of my shopping money in London that I forgot that I have three more cities to be visited...Silly shopaholic me!

This is our first time trying out the accommodation, and I think it's pretty awesome!!Skip expensive hotels, hostels (double-decker bed sounds scary ya), or staying with your friend of a friend house (or someone you don't even say hi when you are in Msia, and suddenly wish to stay over..sounds familiar huh?) to cut cost or go cheapskate by using the services. Come'on. You are much better than that.  Yeah I know, the more money you save on accommodation and transportation, the more money you can have to spend on shoppings, but think again. Lets be moderate. Airbnb provides you with the best service ever; unlike others, they are more comfortables (is like staying at your own house, but maybe better, or nicer), cheaper (compared to hotels, or even hostels), sometimes you can get fully-furnished (with kitchen, laundrette, etc), or perhaps, you get to befriend the locals (if you rent a-"private room/shared room", not "entire-apartment").

Our humble and clean room
Seven Kings Railway Station at Illford

View from the street..Tyler's house is highly recommended!

Ok, enough on AirBnb..this time around, I will skip details, and provide you with brief summary of my itineraries.. I know sometimes it takes time for me just to finish writing one post for one trip (procrastinator I guess?)..and don't blame me for this very very brief itinerary for London. Since we're covering 4 cities in 4 countries, I have delegated the travel research into two; Rahim's task was to prepare itineraries for London and Rome, and walla, here are the itineraries (guys are definitely simple and straight forward, arent they?)

Getting to our airBnB

  1. From Stansted Airport: Take Terravision bus at 23:05. Journey is 60 minutes to Liverpool Street Train tation. £28 for two (Return)
  2. From Liverpool Street Train Station, take National Express East Anglia Train stop at the Seven Kings Station (18 min)
  3. Walking distance is 5 minutes to BnB (Tyler's house)
*Why Tyler's house particularly? Well, its not really located in the city centre, but close enough to Seven Kings station and Liverpool Street Underground Station that can get you almost anywhere in the London city. Good enough for you to experience real Londoners living, with huge room space, nice huge backyard, friendly family, and yes, the price is cheap too. That way, you can spend bit more on shopping!And dont worry, there's a couple of halal restaurants nearby and you'll survive!

Day One Itinerary (10 Sept)

9:00 blablabla...Breakfast
9:30 Head out to Seven Kings Railway Station. Get Oyster Card, pay £5 for deposit

(Oyster is the cheapest way to pay for single journeys on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London)

10:00 Board a train to Liverpool Train Station (18 minutes)
10:30 Take DLR (Docklands Light Railway) to South Kensington. Change to Piccadily and head to Hyde Park Corner
11:30 tourist attraction spots!
18:00 Head to Shopping Malls
20:00 Head back home
*Tourist attraction places that we have visited (walking distance)
  • Wellington Arch
  • Buckingham Palace **Hard Rock Cafe is just on your way
  • Westminister Cathedral
  • Parliament Square
  • Trafalgar Square
  • London Eye
  • St. Paul's Cathedral 
  • London Bridge
  • Tower Bridge
We were lucky because it was Thames Festival the day we were in London, so that's just a lot of things to do!

Hard Rock Cafe

Parade in front of Buckingham Palace

London's Big Ben

London Eye

London National Gallery - i gotta say we enjoy this very much since there's a lots of great paintings!

St Paul's Cathedral - From the the funerals of Lord Nelson and Winston Churchill to the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana - St Paul's Cathedral has been the venue for some of London's most historic occasions

Hot choc at Paul's - in front of St Paul's Cathedral

Day Two Itinerary (11 Sept) 

8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Head out to Seven Kings Railway Station.
10:00 Board a train to Liverpool Street Train Station (18 minutes)
10:30 Board tube to shopping malls. Shopping again!!
15:00 Take Thames Cruise at London Bridge Pier
    Oxford Street - shopping heaven!

    Dont forget to stop at Primark...its damn cheap!

    Lunch at Starbucks since we couldnt find any kebab stall..:P

    Its a must ride..double-decker bus to enjoy London

    London Bridge yaww, with Tower Bridge as background

    Its raining when we stopped for coffee..sejuuuuuk

20:00 Fireworks

Day Three Itinerary (12 Sept) 

8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Head out to Seven Kings Railway Station.
10:00 Board a train to Liverpool Street Train Station (18 minutes)
10:30 Leave luggage at station
11:00 Head out to King Cross Station .Free n easy
13:30 Head back to Liverpool Street Train Station
15:05 Take Terravision bus from Liverpool Street Station to CIA
18:15 Depart to CIA

 Till later y'all!!!(I have more to write, but I need some time...i'll get back to this one, promise!)


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