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Friday, May 11, 2012

Travel Babble..I miss 2010!

Welcoming 2010 with Spore with a shopping trip -Jan 2010-
I am way past being ordinary. I hate it when I have to live a routine life like this one. Its been a while since I last travel and it makes me sick thinking that the next one gonna be in Dec 2012 (of course after this baby is born)...But yeay, I'm gonna do it for her this patient darling..travelling with your princess gonna be extra fun after this!so please dont complain..

Observing others' does make me feel that my so-called "ordinary" life looks better, and I appreciate things more. And thats what I love most about travelling. Surrounded by strangers, by buildings that I'm not familiar with, by routes I'm not used to, and of course, getting away from work that is beyond boring (dont get me wrong here.I love my job, being an upstream process engineer is just the best job i ever had. It's just that, i'm a risk taker, a workaholic and i hate it when the job is so comfortable that I dont have to leave my seat...urghhh)

It's not really a routine job, I would say, since I'm attached to project. There's a lot to learn, lots of new stuffs, but waking up every morning at 6 a.m, driving to work at 7.15a.m, working 8 a.m to 7.15p.m (yeah, I go to the gym sometimes, 2 times a week at least), cook for dinner at 8.15p.m, etc? Yeah, I go offshores sometimes, but not all the time...huhu...nyway,it's already considered routine, and by routine means "ordinary". I hate being ordinary!

I miss 2010. Its all about travel, marriage, work and living life!

Got married in Feb 2010

Went to Melbourne for our honeymoon in Feb 2010

Went to Phnom Penh in Apr 2010

Went to Malacca trip with friends in early May 2010

Went to Bali with hubby in May 2010

Ho Chi Minh trip with hubby in June 2010

Having fun @ Phuket with family and friends in July 2010
    Rahim was on business trip to Beijing, so I followed him - Aug 2010-
Why waste our energy?We're still young! Go have fun!!

Sigh~~got to stop whining and make plans for next trip.Japan?US?hahaha..well, i'm pregnant now..and im sooooo happy about it..its ok, there'll be next time...see ya later