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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A road less traveled, Part 2; Brunei and Miri-July2011-

Gua Niah!
We were supposed to experience Kota Kinabalu lovely islands and Kundasang when we missed that flight (It wasnt So I decided not to waste our weekends just like that, and thats when we thought of Miri and Brunei, since Rahim's brother just got transferred to Miri. Next thing I remember, we took the 1st morning flight, and we're sooo heading to Miri yaww!
After zillionth business trips to Miri, this is my very first time heading to Miri, NOT for offshores and meeting purposes. Yeah2, bought that famous Terubuk Masin and Kek Batik Sarawak (#ThingsYouShouldntMissedWhenVisitingMiri) couple of times in the past, but this time around, its gonna more than just that. I dont know the exact English term people used for Terubuk (I read somewhere that its being called "Herring, but I'm not so sure), but I do know that Terubuk is the fish with most bones! Other thing that you shouldn't missed when you are in Miri, well of course, is the taste of none other than famous "Nasi Lalapan". As soon as we arrived, that's usually the first thing I look for..haha, for early lunch, of course. I would recommend the taste of Nasi Lalapan Muara Restaurant, located in the heart of Miri city, near Mega Hotel (They just opened another branch in PermyJaya though).Nasi Lalapan is a rice-dish; plain white rice serves with fried chicken/fish/meat/prawn with 6 types of steamed vegetables;which also includes fried tauhu and tempe (made of soya beans) and chilli with shrimp paste (or in Malay we called it "Sambal Belacan"). It costs around RM9 - RM11, and can be easily found in Miri. I just love the sambal belacan and crispy fried chicken!!!MUST COME BACK FOR LALAPAN!!Yeay, I'm that crazy

Well, enough about Miri already. I will not talk about the souvenir shop, the market that u can get dry stuffs) and crafts because you can just easily ask anyone in Miri, and they would be more than happy to show you. (If you are staying near Mega Hotel, there's a shop just to the right of the hotel, after the traffic light that sells crafts at ridiculously cheap price..I dont remember the name of the shop though..huhu, maybe you can locals..sorry)

Brunei - Kampung Ayer (floating school)
So we stayed in PermyJaya, and went to Brunei straight after lunch. My first impression of Brunei? "Kampung sangat!"..Well, dont blame me, after all the stories about how much money Brunei earns for their oil, I used to think, Brunei should look like Singapore, with great infrastructures, organized routes, and rich ppl? But nah, it's a small country, and the city is the best they could have. I'm actually speechless, I dont know what to write about Brunei, so I just show you photos, and maybe "Brunei must see?" (okla, Brunei sushi is just the best!)..xoxo

Brunei - Toll plaza..hurmmm
Brunei - Kampung Ayer

Brunei - yeay, famous for delicious sushi!!

Brunei - Sultan Omar Ali Syaifuddin Mosque

Miri - Gua Niah

Miri - Gua Niah