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Monday, January 10, 2011

2011.New year resolutions huh? -Jan2011-

I wanna put up a new blog to write about my life, other than travelling of course..but looking at the current progress with TFC, nahhh, I don't think I have time to setup another blog, of here I am writing about something else, other than the travelling..Since this is my blog, I can dictate what the entry would be, so does the title and the length..ya what the heck?

It's 9 days past new year celebration, and I am still sitting here cracking my head on whats my 2011 resolutions would be. I haven't decided any, to date. 2010 gonna be the year that I would remember the most, and that's probably because I;

- got married to Rahim
- planned and financed my own wedding reception (and it was a success)
- went to Melbourne, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City, Bali, Phuket, Beijing and Spore for honeymoons and vacations with husband and friends
- bought my 3rd and 4th house
- sent my parents for full-expenses paid to Makassar
- leased out my 2nd house

and a lot more!! (Well, of course now I can see a lot of figures on my credit cards bills..heheheh..:D), but guess what, I did live my life to the fullest last year, so why can I do the same this year?

I will have the same job, the same needs (I can only hope that it will not change that drastic), the same desire, the same circle of friends, and still living in Kuala Lumpur ...hurmm, looking for something new...

I was reading STYLE magazine this afternoon, when I saw this one article on "100 Rules to Become a Consummate Lady" that interests me the most. Most of the rules are very, I would say, simple but classic rules on how-my-fashion-sense-and-the-way-I-carry-myself-as-a-26-year-old-lady should be starting 2011. (Some of these don't apply, but I just put it here because they're quite funny). So here goes;

  1. Teeth can make you look older (so you better take a good care of it!)
  2. Even Blair Waldorf has moved from her hairband craze (I have to get rid of my freak obsession on polka-dots)
  3. You're allowed to put your croc handbag on the floor, its a bag, NOT a baby (haha, this one is quite true)
  4. Sweatsuits are strictly for the gym, don't wear them when you're not exercising. You're Jenny-from-the-block (haha)
  5. Don't wear too many colours at one time because you're not a bag of Skittles.(Noted!)
  6. Flaunting your designer bag does not show that you have a desirable deep pockets, only a shallow personality. Class supercedes wealth anytime (This is is bloody right, I shouldnt be eyeing for that LV anymore, but that "Neverfull LV" looks classy enough to me!MUST BUY!!)
  8. You are no longer 18, don't dress like teenagers. (Hurm, does plain-jane Tshirt and jeans counts?)
  9. Cold shower increases mental alertness and adds a toning effect to your face
  11. NEVER INSULT ANYONE. That's stooping too low and vulgar
  12. Don't try to fit into a slinky Herve Leger number if you're shaped like Khloe Kardashian, because she looks like she could hurt somebody if that zip pops!(Noted!)
  13. Start a whitening regimen and stick to it. An uneven skin tone can add 10 to 15 years to our appearance. (Keep changing my skincare, but always stick to Vit-E Bodyshop)
  14. Pick up a new sport because it keeps you slim, fit and improves your learning and comprehension. (I go to the gym, once, or twice or week, should make it more often)
  15. YOU'LL NEVER REALLY EXPERIENCE THE WORLD TILL YOU'VE TRAVELLED.(Yup, that's true. I am lot more thankful now that I've seen so many people struggles through life, from my recent trips to HCMC and Phnom Penh)
  16. JUST SAY NO TO FAKE LV (and any other brands for that matter)
  17. Channeling Katy Perry is a huge fashion don't. Costumes are not real clothes..haha
  18. Blogging fashion fluff doesn't make you fashionable (Which I am not trying to prove here). If you want to be taken seriously, nurture a voice and writing style as credible as an industry pro's (Noted with many thanks..haha)
  20. Like with diamonds, never stinge on quality when it comes to skincare. Always buy the best that you can afford. After all, your face is your best investment. (Noted, with action..haha)
Well, there's a lot more, but, know what, STYLE mag only cost RM8..hehe..I cannot and shouldn't be writing all down here, knowing the fact I am not the real author.

And to add to that list, here's mine;

1) Not to take heavy food after 8pm
2) To drink lots n lots of water a day
3) Not to skip any gym sessions, 3-times a week
4) To not eating out that much (MSG-free diets to improve one health!). Check this one out!
5) Not to buy that much of handbags (still struggling, every year)
6) Not to buy any more houses (huhu...)
7) To continue doing what I like (cooking, travelling, sewing, dancing...)
7) To save money!

Listing these down does not necessarily means that I can live better life in 2011 by following all these rules, to being a perfect lady. It just simply means that I have something to look forward to. Something that I can change about my life now, to be better as a person in 2011. To be beautiful, inside out. To live and love!


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