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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Singapore..sneak peak-Dec2010-

It was the time of the year again, where we supposed to find a place we should be celebrating our new year, and since most of us were pretty tied up with work, no time for planning, couldn't get that Airasia promo ticket, so we're left with only one option in hand - Singapore!
And Singapore won't be enough without any beach experience, so we decided to stay in one of the beach resort nearby (Johor Bahru is always the cheapest option, plus it was totally on our way..haha).

We stayed one night in Pulai Desaru Beach Resort, booked one Loft Room (which is also a duplex penthouse) for RM418/night which can fits more than a family of 10..haha (the space is quite big, but there's only one king bed, with two bathrooms. Bringing your own sleeping bags would be the only solution to that). Check out this website,

Desaru beach
There's a lot of facilities provided by the hotel, and the beach is very well-maintained and clean.

@ Desaru Beach

Nestum Prawn yg super delicious!

Oh my, its getting late..gotta continue later.